We are a full service "propane fill station" we fill all size propane tanks including RV's. Our propane fill station is open year-round, Monday - Saturday, 107 Eastman Street Rt. 106, South Easton, MA.

  • Lowest Prices in Area
  • We fill any size tank
  • We will motor homes

Need extra back-up tanks for you cookout or party? No problem, we provide those too at great prices.

For your safety - be sure to check the condition of your propane tank regularly. If the tank has excessive rust, it presents a health hazard. Be sure to replace any out-of-date tanks as well. The date is located on the collar of the propane tank. The tank is good for 12 years from the date stamped.

Ira Smith's has the propane you need for your next cookout or party.Be sure to properly transport your tank. Keep in mind the following:

Never leave your tank in your vehicle for longs periods of time - ESPECIALLY in hot weather. 
Be sure the tank is always standing upright. Do not allow the tank to lay on its side in the trunk. We recommend using a box or milk crate to hold it upright for your travel home.

5LB Tank

5 Lb Tank


10lb Propane Tank

10lb Propane Tank


20Lb Propane Tank

Gas Grill Tank



Most RV's



Most Forklift Tanks


Refill your Propane Tanks at Ira Smith for the best Bar-B-Q.
Refill your Propane Tanks at Ira Smith for the best Bar-B-Q.
Refill or exchange your propane tanks.
Refill or exchange your propane tanks.

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