Budget Truck Rental

Moving? Or just need to rent a truck for a few days? Call us. Our vast fleet of Budget Trucks means you can have a truck when you need a truck!  There are a lot of good reasons to move yourself. It's fast, economical and convenient

We offer the newest, best-maintained vehicles on the road today as well as a full line of moving supplies and accessory equipment. Our rental fleet has transit vans, cargo vans, box trucks and more!  We offer rental trucks that are especially designed for moving. They are easy to load, some are equipped with lift gates and are dock high. The trucks require no special license so they are easy to drive. They are equipped with power steering, air conditioning, AM/FM stereo and automatic transmissions.

Budget Rental Truck Features

There are many truck sizes. Call us today to choose the right size truck for you. We offer sizes from the moving truck to moving vans large enough to move the contents of a 3+ bedroom home. Look for us on Route 106 in Easton.

Air Conditioning, Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, AM/FM Stereo, Walk Ramps and Lift-gates Available, No Wheel Wells, Dual Faced Mirrors, Tie Down Slats to Secure Cargo, Bucket Seating for Two, 33-Gallon Gas/35 Gallon Diesel Tank, Clearance 11'0"?, Translucent Roof (in most trucks) and Interior Lights. Flat floors (in most trucks) non-slip wood floors.

12ft Box Truck

The 12 ft rental truck offers a carrying capacity of 3,100 lbs and is ideal for studio and small apartments.  

  • 1-2 Rooms (Studio)
  • Height:  9’ 6’’
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 10,050lbs
  • Payload Weight: 3610 lbs

16ft Box Truck

If you're looking to move a one bedroom home or small apartment, our 16 ft Budget Box Truck can do the job. This truck offers 658 cubic feet of carrying space and a max load of 3500 lbs. The 16 ft rental trucks are also great if you are small business looking to relocate your office. When looking at what rental truck size meets your needs, don’t forget to account for bikes, grills and patio furniture.

  • 3-4 Rooms
  • Height: 11'
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 12,500lbs
  • Payload Weight 4460 lbs

26 ft Box Truck

Our 26 ft Budget Rental Truck offers almost 1,700 cubic feet of space with a max load of up to 12,000 pounds. Each room in your home typically requires 150 - 200 cubic feet in the truck. Don't forget your outdoor spaces, workshops or studios, they count as a rooms too! Items such as grills, bikes, and large power tools are a little harder to judge. Give us a call and we can help you figure it out.

  • 5-8 Rooms (2-3 Bedroom House)
  • Height: 13'
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 26000 lbs
  • Payload Weight: 9,180 lbs

Ira Smith Budget Truck Rental & Truck Repair

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